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Whatsoever the Sacrifice

Christian convert Dina Youngblood’s son was stillborn. So, why do disturbing dreams suggest otherwise?

Why does she keep her nightmares secret from her over-protective pastor husband, Aaron?

Then a stranger-a look-alike for her childhood sweetheart, Marty Osceolacomes to the Bitterroot Confederacy of Indians, Dina’s hometown. Her child is indeed alive, he says-kidnapped at birth by a criminal organization whose schemes also include trafficking.

Desperate to rescue her son, Dina is offered a deal that challenges her entire family and tests her Jesus-way faith. She must then decide what to keep-and what can be sacrificed.

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KB Schaller

KB Schaller (Cherokee Confederacy) has taught in a Christian academy on the Florida Seminole Indian Reservation and in public schools. She is a columnist and illustrator for Indian Life newspaper. Schaller holds memberships in the Native American Journalists Association (NAJA), and Florida Freelance Writers Association (FFWA). She lives in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area with her husband, mother, and a rescue kitty named ”Cha Cha”.

Other Books

100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World

Schaller’s 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World was winner of an International Book Award.

Journey by the Sackcloth Moon

A unique coming-of-age novel about the stunning consequences of choices, presented through Native eyes. Deftly hooks the mysterious and mystical to the message of Christianity.

Gray Rainbow Journey

Torn between a forbidden love and conflicting faiths, Dina Youngblood must make a choice…

KB Schaller (l) and the late Wampanoag Tribal Elder, Dr. Chester P. Soliz (r), are congratulated by Chris Angermann (c), President, Florida Authors and Publishers Association, for their Gold Medal-Winning works—Schaller  for 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World, and Dr. Soliz for The Historical Footprints of the Mashpee Wampanoag. Dr. Soliz’s account of the Wampanoag people is available on

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